Cannon Beach Computers makes your digital lifestyle more productive and less stressful. Microsoft Certified (since the '90's) we improve the performance of your Microsoft Windows™ computers, networks & infrastructure; Servers, laptops, desktops, mobile devices, domains, data architecture, security, wires, wireless networks and more.
It just doesn't get any better than that!

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Computer Help & Support Services

Onsite, offsite, email, phone, maintenance & support agreements and remote computer support services all ensure that your computers, networks & IT systems are always up-and-running. Your computers don't stop working after 5:00pm or on weekends. Why should your computer support?

Cannon Beach Computers support Microsoft Windows™ Systems; Networks, Exchange Server, Domains, Security, Websites, Servers, Workstations, laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Call us today at (503) 882-TECH and get more done in less time. Guaranteed!

IT Services & Tech Support

Cannon Beach Computers provide fast, reliable & onsite computer service in Astoria, Warrenton, Manzanita, Gearhart, Cannon Beach, Nehalem and Seaside in Oregon. Call us now at (503) 882-TECH. We’re knowledgeable, we're responsive and, best of all, we provide solutions that work for you!

We travel to homes, your office or small business and resolve computer & IT systems problems. We troubleshoot networks, connect network printers, centralize your data files, implement secure data backups & repair and upgrade older computers. We maintain Windows Servers, networks & workstations, setup Remote Access solutions and make wired & wireless networks run faster. Guaranteed!

Wired & Wireless Networking

There's a lot of ways to improve your computer's network performance. It's not complicated and it's not rocket science. That being said, like most other systems, it does need to be set up correctly at the foundation and also needs to be 'tuned-up' after new devices have been added. Hint: You local CenturyLink, Charter or Application Vendor Support techs are probably not your best go-to network analysts here. Why? Because it's not their core competency!

Network Performance starts where your cable or phone line enters the building and finishes on your screen as your web page, local network or remote document displays. There is a lot in-between and we can help! (Yes, we deal with Trustkeeper PCI scans too!) If you've got anywhere from 3 to a dozen to 500 computers or devices or people on your network and need to improve performance and/or productivity then contact Cannon Beach Computers today. We will save you time, we will save you money and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Website Design & Maintenance

Poll stats. show more Domain Names being registered and more websites being created daily. Talk with us about a new eCommerce, dynamic or informational website for your office or business. We create Intranets too! This, so that your company's data & information is centralized in one 'easy-to-find' location. What a concept!

We provide website technical support & training. You'll learn to create, produce & edit your own content. Register a new Domain Name with us. Get Fast WordPress Hosting - with a free personalized email account - and let's start building your website today. We'll have you up and running by next Monday. Guaranteed!

Security for Computers & Networks

Computer Security? There's a topic for consideration! Passwords, bank accounts, malicious software, viruses, poisoned websites, botnets, robots, unauthorized logins, permissions, security ID's, compromised certificate authorities, firewalls, VPN's, TrustKeeper, dual-factor authorization, Router Backdoor mods. and, the list goes on...

At the end of the day computer security begins & ends with user education - you can spend all the money you like on locks and keys but... if someone leaves the back door open! It is a huge topic, it is difficult to grasp, it is meaninglessly marketed and most disturbingly, it is very real. Constant vigilance is required and corporate IT 'downsizing' is not helping one bit!

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